Snoqualmie Falls


Starting from downtown Issaquah, this route takes the Issaquah-Preston trail up past the Issaquah Highlands and Preston into the Snoqualmie Ridge area and ends at Snoqualmie Falls.  There is an impressive 1200ft of total elevation gain, however it takes 12 miles to do so, and the larger hills are less than a 2.6% grade. 


Routes - Chief Sealth Trail.jpg

The next break in the trail is tricky.  Other trail maps will have you take main roads around to S. Kenyon St to pick the trail up again, which works… but I like to stay on the trail as much as possible.  There are two ways to pick up the trail sooner.  Once you reach S. Myrtle Pl. you can do two things. 

Option 1:  Go right and take a left onto 35th Ave S.  The maps show that this street does not go through but there is a small dirt trail through the trees to the street on the other side.  From there you can go left on S. Webster St and meet up with the trail again on the right side of the street.


Option 2.  Go left and turn immediately right onto S Holly Park Dr.  Where a small footpath leads up a steep hill where the paved trail picks up again at the top.