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Seattle Routes & Trails

“Where’d the trail go?”  This is a question that finds me wandering lost through neighborhoods, bushwhacking through forests and fields, running down shoulder-less freeways, map searching (if there’s signal), and backtracking over previously traveled road.  There are plenty of trail maps online, but most of them fall short when you are IRL and come to an intersection or thicket and fail to see where the trail picks back up again. 

See below for trails in the greater Seattle area.  Trails originating from downtown begin at the Space Needle.  Click on the trails for maps, instructions, videos and pics of each trail.  These will include how to stay on the trail when it drops off, and the best ways to navigate between trails.



The Chief Sealth trail originates near Beacon Hill and runs parallel to I-5 just to the east.  This trail runs through a beautiful greenway, quaint neighborhoods and provides beautiful views of the Rainier Valley to the east and the Green River Valley to the west.  


Snoqualmie Falls

The run from Issaquah to Snoqualmie Falls is a slow gentle hill that takes  you up into the foothills of the mountains. 


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