Chief Sealth Trail


This route starts at the Space Needle and heads towards Beacon Hill picking up the Chief Sealth Trail head just south of Jefferson Park.  The main mantra here is 'look left'.  Since this trail winds southeast, usually when the trail stops it picks back up again slightly to the left of where you're standing, (if heading south).

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Jackson Street through the International District is slow 0.8 mile hill with a 3.6% grade, so shift into a lower gear and allow your speed to drop a bit especially since it's early in the run.


The Beacon Ave hill starts at mile 4 and has an 8.2% grade for about 1/3 of a mile.  It's shorter but steeper, and if you aren't expecting it, you may end up walking the hill.  That's ok!

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To find the Chief Sealth trail head, run down 15th Ave S. and take a right on S. Angeline St.  The trail head will take off to the right.