Miss The Bridge But Run Your Way Home

Who says you have to Beat the Bridge?

This Sunday was the 36th Annual Nordstrom Beat the Bridge run.  My father has participated as far back as 1994, however this was my first time running the race.  I am severely lagging.

Main event distance: 8k = 5 miles

Concept: There is a drawbridge at mile 2 of the race course, which rises 20 minutes after the last runner crosses the starting line.  Your mission is to beat this drawbridge rising.  Otherwise you lose.

Today I started at the back of the pack.  These were the 4 people behind me.  Yes I was a bit worried about not beating the bridge, but I felt like I could achieve the requisite 10 min/mile pace.  

Beat The Bridge 2018 - Start at Back.JPG

Back of the Bridgers

The gun fired, the race started, and minutes later we were off!  I pushed a bit harder since I wanted to try and Beat this deng Bridge, and averaged 9:20 min/mile pace.  

As I rounded the last corner before the 2 mile mark, I saw the bridge was down (YESSSS!) however, as I approached, the warning lights started blaring and volunteers fanned out across the roadway in front of us to stop the remaining runners.  NOOOO!  A few brave souls darted across the bridge at the last second, but I am a curious Red Running Hood so I waited.  

Exhausted and exasperated, everyone immediately started talking and the general consensus was that this ludicrous bridge was raised WAY TOO EARLY.  It felt a bit like that phenomenon where everyone in prison claims they are innocent.

Many fellow Bridgers were a bit angry and frustrated, but I was finding this highly amusing.  I got a front row view of the bridge rising, and even photo-bombed a cop-selfie with a celebratory "Victory" stance.


Beat The Bridge 2018 - Missed Bridge.jpg

This Was Not That Cop-Selfie

After the bridge lowered again, we were allowed to continue in our desperate attempts to prove our worth.  Eventually I caught up to the stragglers from the Bridge-beater crowd and felt great about my final 8:45 min/mile time.  


Beat The Bridge 2018 - Finish Line.JPG

Permission to Stop Running

As always, there's nothing like the excited energy among the people gathered at the finish line of a run.  The Beat the Bridge draws good attendance and raises money to fund type-1 diabetes research.  

Beat The Bridge 2018 - Stadium.JPG

Husky Stadium Packed with Bridgers

Afterward, since I like a good challenge and Husky stadium is 4.5 miles from home, I decided to run my Red butt home.  I put in my headphones, popped a couple Cliff Blocks and took off down the Burke Gilman Trail towards the Space Needle.

Beat The Bridge 2018 - Space Needle.JPG

There's No Place Like Home